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The Aircraft That Started The Homebuilt Revolution...Twice!

Before Piper, Cessna, Kitfox, and Vans, before AOPA, CAP, and EAA, there was Ace. Two decades after the Wright Brothers' first flight, flying had become a rich man's luxury. Mr. Orland G. "Ace" Corben saw the need for an aircraft that was safe, easy to fly, and inexpensive for the average person to build and operate. To recognize this goal, he created the first kitbuilt airplane, the Baby Ace, and a year later the two-seat Junior Ace. These aircraft become the first popular homebuilt aircraft.

In 1955, Mr. Paul Poberenzy, founder of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), built a modified Baby Ace Model C as a three-part series in Mechanix Illustrated. The success of the articles caused an overwhelming interest in the renewed homebuilt aircraft movement which continues to this day. (For a detailed history of Ace aircraft, click History above.)

Today, you can fly an aircraft with an aviation history pedigree almost as old as powered flight itself. You can build your Ace aircraft from a kit now or purchase your Ace Aircraft ready-to-fly shortly, and all Ace aircraft models meet the ASTM standards for the Light-Sport aircraft category. Indeed, Mr. Corben's dream of a well designed, inexpensive, and safe homebuilt aircraft is still being realized today.  Fly your piece of aviation history...Today!

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This page last updated on May 4, 2014